Fashion weeks from all around the world are one of the most sought out media relations activities. Known as a nice celebration of the industry, and all of the art that goes into it, the creative minds and the talented craftsmen involved in different fashion weeks will do nothing but inspire you with their newest lines. Seoul Fashion Week is a bright spot on the street style calendar. Fashion week isn’t just for the few cities that take dressing for the camera serious, or for the designer-clad grown-ups, but for their super hip kids, too. Lately my go-to wardrobe choices are all street style. From leather jackets to chokers, blacks, graphics, flannels, funky sunglasses, and denim, I choose to wear the chicest and most comfortable clothing. I also really just love the Asian culture. Street style has an array of forms but what I really love about the overall look is that they are all mainly unisex and feature low-key pieces for everyday wear that one can pair with more edgy styles.

My look is pretty skater girl mixed in with a street style grunge. My hair is a ’90s throwback hairstyle. I’ve always been of the opinion that if your hair and shoes are on point, then you can wear pretty much anything else in between. When it comes to the top half of that equation, my go-to has long been the bun. Specifically a topknot, where one bun is uptight and intimidating, two are playful and approachable. While the look might never be described as “professional,” it’s at least clear that you styled it that way on purpose. My jeans are these amazing vintage high-cropped jeans that are currently my favorite. My sneakers are of course the famous Sk8-Hi Vans, legendary lace-up high tops inspired by the classic Old Skool. My leather is from an Italian leather brand called “G Collection.” I love this leather because it is so multifunctional. It has a removable thermal lining and also has removable sleeves, turning it into a vest. The hood is lined with fur that’s also the go-to color black.

This flight jacket adopted for military service is outstanding! In many ways it is the ideal jacket for those of you who like the bomber jacket trend. My choker is just a classic black bandana and my sunglasses are these really cool glasses from sunglass spot. I hope this list of street style items inspires you to check out Seoul Fashion Week.