STYLE GURU STYLE: Señorita en Sevilla

“Do you want to go a fashion event later today?”

When my friend asked me this last week, the answer was, of course, yes.

A suggestion for those of you studying abroad (or really for anyone who loves to embrace life in general!) – when someone asks you if you want to go to a new place or try something different, do it. Especially for all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you twice, do so in the instances where there is fashion involved.

Upon our arrival at this rooftop event, we looked around to find several young locals of Seville scattered around with drinks and music playing in the background with the sun hitting the venue perfectly. A local designer hosted the evening here to sell and promote her label. To the left a pop-up shop filled with earrings, head scarves, graphic t-shirts and artwork called my name. And thus, I found the central piece in this look.

After debating with myself for a half hour or so, I finally gave in and grabbed this tank off of the hanger to purchase. When I selected it, one of the local girls at the event mentioned that the details were very typical of the area. With the long black fringe elegantly dangling from the floral appliques, they add a bit of zest to an otherwise basic piece. The great thing about having a more simple top is that it leaves room to mix up the accessories. I tried it with my trusty leather jacket and threw some flowers in my hair for a little bit of fun. During the Feria in April, Seville’s biggest celebration of the year, wearing flowers in your hair is a huge thing. However, typically, they wear a single flower on the top of their heads or on the side. While my styling is much different, I tried to toss in a little extra Sevillana flair.

Just a 5-minute walk from my homestay in Seville, I snagged this little number at the rooftop pop-up shop we visited. Floral details in Gucci’s resort 2016 collection inspired me to wear the top during my weekend nights out in the city. ¡Viva la vida con estilo, Fashionistas/os!

Get My Look: 1. Red lips. 2. Dressy, black leggings. 3. Black heels.