STYLE GURU STYLE: Secondhand-Chic

I decided to sit out the infamous Black Friday this year and do something a little bit different in order to discover some unique fashion finds. I spent my day after turkey day rummaging through all of the closets and drawers in my grandparent’s old house. I came across some very on trend hats and chunky knits but something very special caught my eye. Hanging in the back of my grandmother’s old closet was a beautiful fur coat that I instantly remembered lusting over as a child. After trying on the coat, the Ralph Lauren fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection began to play in my head. When this collection hit the runway, it was filled with monochromatic tones, turtlenecks and an overload of fur accessories. However, there was one specific look that I pulled inspiration from for this outfit.

Look 23 of the collection involved a huge shearling jacket that the model dawned over a flowy cream turtleneck sweater. She wore matching cream pants and a gorgeous standout necklace. I decided to adapt this look using the oversized fur coat I found, and the second I threw it on I felt like a movie star. I paired the coat with a sleeveless tope turtleneck sweater that I picked up at a thrift store.

The pants that the model was wearing weren’t as practical for me; as someone who tends to spill their coffee a lot, white is usually not the best choice. I opted for a pair of simple black skinny jeans to dress the outfit down a bit keeping it semi-casual for a day time event. I decided to keep the jewelry minimal and only add a statement necklace with both gold and silver hardware just like in the original runway look.

Now, I must admit that the coat is the standout piece of this look. However, I think the shoe choice was extremely important. I wanted to keep the outfit crisp and sharp, which I achieved by choosing to wear a pair of black leather pointy toed booties.

We are now in the midst of the holiday season, and no matter what holiday you celebrate, we all believe in looking fabulous. Statement pieces like this fur jacket are perfect for feeling like your fresh off the runway; walking to the grocery store will never be the same!

Get My Look: 1. Fur coat. 2. Turtleneck. 3. Booties.