STYLE GURU STYLE: Schooled in Style

April 19th, 2016 at 2:00am

There were many spring ready-to-wear shows that I loved this year such as: Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs, but Public School taught me the best lesson about what to wear this season. The neutral color scheme was anything, but basic and the loose silhouettes are a welcome break from the form-fitting garments we’ve seen many times before. I also loved the strappy platform sandals because they exuded a casual-cool vibe.

One of the main pieces throughout the show that I incorporated into my outfit were the palazzo pants. The wider the better in this case since Public School seldom had a body-con item in their show. Another item that was essential to this outfit was a pair of platform sandals in neutral colors. My pair was the perfect find with their black and white straps and raised sole. While I do love the relaxed motif throughout the show, I personally needed to add a little structure to the look. I opted for a black crop top instead of a loose T-shirt, so I didn’t look like I was wearing a giant black sack. I also added in a trendy silver and black choker necklace for some visual interest.

I even went so far as to recreate the hair and makeup look from the show as well, since it was very light and fresh. The models had a lit-from-within glow, so to achieve that I used an illuminating primer and an illuminating setting powder. The brows were bold, so I filled my brows in with a pomade and then went over that with a pencil to make them thick. I finished my look off with a couple coats of mascara and a pinky-nude matte lipstick. The hair was a simple rope braid that I achieved by putting my hair in a tight ponytail and spliting into two sections. I twisted the sections clockwise while twisting them together counterclockwise and tying the finished braid off at the end with a smaller hairtie.

Get My Look: 1. Platform sandals. 2. Palazzo pants. 3. Illuminating primer.