STYLE GURU STYLE: Saved On A Rainy Day

Sometimes in the summer, the weather doesn’t comply like we would hope, and it rains for days on end. While that already puts a damper on my plans to be outside and enjoying sun, rain also seems to drop the temperature from a comfortable upper 80s to a humid mid-70s in temperature. Nevertheless, when there is a break in the weather, humidity or not, I love to be out exploring cities.

What does one wear on days like these? Taking a cue from the Maison Kitsuné spring 2015 collection, I tried to work some androgynous and shapeless silhouettes into my outfit, while still keeping it casual and cute. This led me to my personal favorite piece of clothing—a baseball T-shirt. I think that they are so cute and versatile. They can look sporty or chic, but they’re ALWAYS comfortable. On a day roaming around Nashville, I thought this would be a great choice for window shopping and avoiding rain.

I paired my top with high top Converse and some dark denim shorts. I personally can’t really pull of the high-waisted shorts, but they would be just as cute with a baseball T-shirt. As for the shoes, what’s more classic than a pair of converse and a baseball T-shirt? It’s a good way to combine the sporty and chic look, and again, they’re comfortable to spend a day walking around in. Finally, on a day like this, I don’t bother much with makeup or contacts, which means my glasses are a must. I love the clear frames because they go with anything and they’re super in right now.

Get My Look: 1. Baseball T-shirt. 2. American Eagle Outfitters shorts. 3. Classic Off-White Converse. 3. Bonlook Clear Frame Glasses.