Has there ever been a style or trend you imagined, knew you needed to have, but had no choice but to patiently wait until it came to fruition? Personally, sandals have been on my mind for the past couple of years. Not just any sandals, though, but the sandals that lace up to your thighs. Very gladiator reminiscent, I know, but who is to say they weren’t up to something? After years of seeing the gradual upward trend in sandal length, I believe we have finally reached a momentous period: the affordable lace-up sandals, as seen in the Valentino spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

The sandals I am sporting are the exact style I have had in mind for so many years, but it has been seen on the runway for quite some time. The question is always, “when is some brand going to do a cheap knockoff already!?” After worrying about finding this gem, it never completely occurred to me that my current closet selection would do them no justice. I actually went on the hunt for pieces that would complement these shoes; is there a purpose in owning an article of clothing you cannot style? Dresses are a given with sandals, but some high-waisted shorts with a bold top will also do the trick!

On this particular day, I chose the bohemian route with this print dress. In the past I have tied the sandals at a lower level, similar to the Valentino spring 2016 ready-to-wear presentation, but I had went a bit further and tucked my jeans underneath. I wore dark denim, but a lighter hue would also look phenomenal. There are so many options with sandals like these; there is almost no going wrong!

Get My Look: 1. Print dress. 2. A simple necklace. 3. Tie sandals.