STYLE GURU STYLE: Saint Laurent Leopard

May 19th, 2016 at 2:10am

Saint Laurent’s 2016 pre-fall collection was the perfect blend between grudge and vintage. Saint Laurent has been a dominating force in the fashion industry for over a few decades now, and it never falls short of greatness. Designer Hedi Slimane showcased his men’s pre-fall and part of the women’s pre-fall collection this February. The outfits all embodied a classy grunge vive, which is something I would have never thought of myself. Seeing the blend of styles inspired me to put something together in my own style.

Saint Laurent has been known for making tuxedo jackets a fashion piece for women. Slimane continued to use that for his 2016 collection as he incorporated a lot of blazers and tuxedo jackets—most of them including shoulder pads and a mix of patterns and textures. The blazer I chose has both shoulder pads and an intricate embroidered design that fits perfectly with Saint Laurent’s show style.

The show contained leather and different types of black shiny textured garments. This gave the outfits an edginess to the formal blazers. I paired my blazer with disco leggings, which added the grunge to the classiness of the jacket. I can say that I LOVE these leggings. They are absolutely versatile and the material gives you an edge when comparing it to plain cotton leggings. These are hands down my most worn garment.

Lastly, among the many patterns used in his collection, the leopard pattern stood out the most to me. He seemed to have incorporated it into shirts, scarves, jumpsuits, jackets and dresses. Leopard print is one of those patterns that will automatically make you look bold. I used a leopard suede top to add both texture and pattern to my look. Along with that, I paired my top with a small beige scarf. Scarves and neck bows were a common theme in almost all of his looks for the show. The scarf reminded me of the classy feel of the ’50s, but the trend isn’t necessarily what’s “in” right now. I loved taking a step out of the norm that we all get accustomed to with our everyday style. Saint Laurent will never fail to serve as inspiration.

Get My Look: 1. Disco leggings. 2. Leopard print top. 3. Blazer. 4. Red lipstick. 5. Black booties.