STYLE GURU STYLE: Runway To Your Closet

I’m all about the classic styles of fall, but sometimes I love mixing my style up with a crazy lip color and faux fur vest. It also helps that it’s so easy to combine classic styles with some of the newest trends in fashion.

Nowadays there are so many trends that come from the runway but transition into street wear. Most people cannot wear everything that comes from the runway because designers can create some pretty outrageous outfits. For instance, you would normally not see a woman walking around wearing fur covered shoes from the Maison Margiela fall 2015 runway show. Because these trends can be extreme, we can take them down a notch and incorporate them in our own wardrobe in a realistic way. I pulled inspiration from the Proenza Schouler fall 2015 ready-to-wear show with their use of fur in most of their outfits.

The ready-to-wear line consisted of a lot of neutral colors with pops of burgundy and red, which I incorporated into my wardrobe with my red plaid button-up. I kept my whole outfit pretty neutral with black jeans and a white shirt because I really wanted to showcase the fur vest and my blue lips. Fall is one of the few seasons that I feel comfortable wearing a really dark and different lip color and I love this steel color from NYX. I also love carrying around a small gray bag which is neutral enough that it can look good with any outfit during any season. I topped everything off with my favorite pair of crocheted booties.

Overall, I think it’s pretty easy to incorporate any trend from the runway into your wardrobe by mixing and matching, and finding what looks best on you. Have fun and experiment with the latest runway trends!

Get My Look: 1. A fur vest. 2. Blue liquid lipstick. 3. Neutral handbag.