STYLE GURU STYLE: Runway for Everyday

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Karl Lagerfeld absolutely knows what he’s doing. He consistently creates stunning collections, incorporating new ideas and designs that shape overall trends in the fashion world and make him one of the biggest names in high fashion. His recent pre-fall 2016 collection for Chanel was certainly no different, and it was one of my favorite shows of the season.

With smoky eyes and teased hair, each of the models strutted their lace-adorned legs down the runway in Rome, some wearing long coats shrugged over their shoulders, others dressed in leather pencil skirts or turtleneck sweaters. The looks had a sexy, lingerie-esque feel and were largely black and white, giving the collection a more serious and dark tone. But just when I began to think this was meant to be the theme of the show, Lagerfeld mixed things up a bit with brighter looks that included white wide leg pants, full-length pink dresses and several pieces embellished with flowers. The classic Chanel tweed suit also made a few appearances in various hues, patterns and textures. And while each look in the collection had a slightly different feel to it, each was well-accessorized, with everything from long, layered necklaces, to large earrings and belts, and of course a few of Chanel’s signature quilted bags.

Drawing off of this beautiful collection for inspiration, I decided to keep my look monochrome and chose to start with a white button-up blouse with black lace panels on the shoulders. I tucked this into a structured skater skirt with a high waistline. I don’t have any lace tights, so I opted for a pair of black over-the-knee socks that I wore with some combat boots. Over this, I wore a long pea coat that has a wide collar and gold buttons. To finish my look, I accessorized by layering some dainty gold rings.

Just add a headband, some lip gloss and a cup of frozen yogurt, and I felt like I could have been sitting on the steps of the Met with Blair Waldorf in the first season of Gossip Girl. Needless to say, my look definitely had a bit more of a preppy vibe than those in the Chanel show. If you want to try something a little different, this look could easily be changed by switching out the pieces I chose with another style skirt, some lacy tights or a pair of heels. There were so many trends that I loved from Chanel’s pre-fall show and this is just one of example of how you can take inspiration from the collection in your everyday wardrobe, don’t be afraid to give it your own twist!

Get my look: 1. Button-up shirt. 2. Skater skirt. 3. Knee-high socks. 4. Pea coat.