STYLE GURU STYLE: Rollin' With the Buffalo

The end of the spring semester is approaching us my fellow Fashionista/os, and for some, that means countless of hours in the library, lazy days with sweatpants and sneakers, and constant daydreaming about our summer break. I certainly fall into at least two of those three categories, but no matter the time of the year I will never be too busy to spend a day away from school and focus on enjoying myself.

Of course to me, taking the time to care for myself and relax my mind means, for instance, having fun with my casual, everyday “jeans and a T-shirt” college look. For a cloudless breezy weekend out downtown, I decided to one-up my comfy gray graphic T-shirt with a feather-weight beige duster coat and frayed light wash jeans. Keeping my whole outfit neutral and nowhere near colorful—that’s just how I roll—I went with my classic black pointed booties, which are totally comfortable enough for hours of walking around town.

I recently decided to chop my hair off because I was feeling in the mood for a new hairdo, and I can say now that I completely regret it. The good news though: hair grows back! Until then, I usually go for a low ponytail in the back with a few loose strands of hair in the front, which in this instance adds to the whole casual vibe of the outfit.

During the week, I’ll unquestionably be spending way too much time in the library trying to study any last-minute material for finals. During the weekend, on the other hand, I’ll always remember to take a break and focus on my mental and physical health. I hope you all have a wonderful summer break, Fashionista/os!