STYLE GURU STYLE: Rockin' the Romper

As summer begins transitioning into fall I have been trying to wear all of those summer outfits one last time. While some outfits can transcend seasons, some outfits do not work as well out of the season they were intended for. Inspired in part by look 10 of Giamba’s resort 2016 show, I threw on a romper and hit the town running to soak up that last bit of summer sun.

The denim tank style romper I chose to wear is a better summer option than the long sleeve version present in Giamba’s look 10. Long sleeve rompers are a better choice for fall. Personally, I want summer to last forever and so I continue to wear tank tops and things of that sort. I love rompers because they are a complete outfit on their own; therefore you do not need to try to match things up since it is already done for you.

I kept my look simple with minimal accessories and basic hair and makeup. The models in Giamba’s resort 2016 collection wear natural makeup and I tried to imitate this look. I paired my romper with a simple silver bracelet, necklace and earring combination. For my hair, I simply pulled it back in a half-up half-down style and pinned it in place with a chiffon bow. The cream color of the bow directly complements the cream accents at the bottom of my romper.

High heels are a big part of Giamba’s resort 2016 collection, but seeing as how I was just getting ready for a normal day, I decided against wearing heels. Instead I wore a pair of jelly sandals, which are a style I have recently come to adore.

Get My Look: 1. Denim romper. 2. Jelly sandals. 3. Cream bow.