STYLE GURU STYLE: Rock ‘N' Roll Pink

With spring semester coming to an end, now more than ever is the time to let your inner rockstar shine.

When you think of a rock star, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Stevie Nicks, and a plethora of other prominent individuals may come to mind. But really…what makes a rockstar a rockstar?

Besides fame and talent, style plays an integral role in the making and portrayal of a true rockstar. With the spotlight shining on that individual, their attire is on display exhibiting not only their taste in fashion, but who they are.

In his cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, Harry Styles quoted The Clash’s Paul Simon saying, “Pink is the only true rock-and-roll color.” Wearing a millennial pink suit, by Edward Sexton, on The Today Show, Harry Styles proved this quote to be true.

The rainbow is composed of a vast spectrum of vibrant colors. However, there is something about the color pink that makes it pop. With a variety of shades, pink can express spunk, passion, sweetness, and innocence.

The moment I saw this pink, faux suede moto jacket and its matching fitted A-line mini skirt, I fell in love. This shade of pink exudes an ethereal essence (coincidentally matching my nail polish was an added plus). Moto jackets emit a rockstar-chic flare due to their unique structure and design which ideally contrasts with the femininity of this pink faux suede fitted A-line mini skirt. Suede is a picture perfect fabric since it adds a distinct look to each piece.

To make this outfit even edgier, I opted for this “Ride Free” graphic T-shirt. With a V-notch and by tying it in the front, this cool and effortless look screams rockstar. Making this casual T-shirt into a crop top also created a unique draping effect. As a result, it perfectly shows off the high-waisted skirt. Sticking with suede, these black heels add a sexy confidence to this rock-and-roll-chic look.

Since silver detailing adorned my pink, faux suede moto jacket, I opted for silver accessories. With this silver cuff bracelet, vintage vibes are accentuated. A little sparkle can make any outfit shine, so this silver and gold, embellished choker was the perfect addition. This dainty, floral tote bag distinctly stands out with its pink, white, and purple hues and dreamy design.

For your next ensemble, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Always make an effort to show who you are through what you wear so that you can to embrace your inner rockstar.