I am usually a big advocate of the “dress for your shape” rule. I like to wear clothes that flatter my curvaceous body type and highlight my best features. In the past, I’ve shied away from boxy garments because I figured I’d end up looking disproportionate. But no more! I’ve learned that not all silhouettes need to have some sort of waistline or body-conscious aspect to make you look like a woman. It’s all in your presentation!

With that being said, I took inspiration from Christian Dior and sported a bold dress with a ’60s silhouette. His fall 2015 ready-to-wear line is dynamite to say the least. Patent leather boots and structured pant suites really put on a show. For a moment there, I thought I saw Twiggy prance down the runway with her infamous face of the “far out” days. This line consists of complex patterns and boyish box-frames. So many colors going every which way. My taste buds are tingling just by the thought of it!

Surprise! Surprise! I got this dress on a thrifting run. The bright yellow color caught my attention immediately. One shoulder has black netting detail while the other side is plain. What a unique touch. The jacket dress is also second hand but is more like an accessory. I love my black booties from ALDO. The thick, cylinder heel works perfectly to accompany the groovy theme. The material of the shoe is similar to the netting on my dress. Jackpot! My toes were a little chilly from all of the miniature holes though. So I threw on some long socks and pushed them down to my ankle. From afar, they look like part of the shoe. Now who’s the clever Fashionista?

P.S. The lip color I’m wearing is actually lip balm. It’s a Clinique Chubby Stick in “super strawberry.” I’ve never had such a pigmented lip color that isn’t lipstick. I love it!

Get My Look: 1. Boxy dress. 2. Booties 3. Long jacket.