Hello Fashionistas! I’m back with another outfit post. This week I’ll be talking about one of my favorite trends this season—red and black. Combining these two colors used to be something I was skeptical about, simply because I have never thought they “go” together; however, after seeing the Givenchy 2015 fall runway show, I was inspired. Most of the models rocked dressier outfits, so I wanted to translate it into something comfortable, chic and school appropriate.

I turned this elegant, trendy color combination into a casual look by wearing this really cool long T-shirt with slits on the sides that I recently purchased at Zara. It’s super versatile, and can be worn during pretty much every season. In the warmer weather, you can wear it with shorts and skirts and during the cooler season you can pair it with some edgy black leather pants. Today, I chose to pair it with a checkered red and black flowy skirt and some shiny black booties. In the Givenchy show, we saw various textures, fabrics and patterns. That’s why I used some plaid in the skirt, as well as a shinier texture for the shoes. I also picked a bag that would add a fun twist without clashing or disrupting the color scheme I went for. I chose a black bucket bag with circle studs by Marc Jacobs and was obsessed with final look.

Get My Look: 1. A fun top with slits on the side. 2. A basic plaid skirt. 3. A pair of black booties. 4. An edgy bucket bag.