Frayed and ripped denim were a favorite for Damir Doma in his spring 2017 collection, as were cropped cuts. Over-sized garments and loose fits also characterized the collection. Many of the outfits were monochromatic in nature, which helped make each piece look cool and chic. Most looks were also accessorized with metal and fabric neck pieces, giving these looks a subtle punk rock feel. Although jackets and vests seemed to be popular items for the collection, this element does not translate too well into an east coast summer wardrobe. Despite this, I loved the uniqueness of each look, as there is an artistic touch on almost every inch of the clothing.

My favorite part about Doma’s collection was the texture he created through the layering of pieces, the fabrics, the accessories, the different lengths of the pieces and the fraying of the ends of some of the pieces. I followed suit, buying a pair of frayed and cropped white jeans from Hudson. In addition, I added a chunky silver necklace that helps tie the whole outfit together all while giving it some texture. I also created texture by pairing these jeans with my flowy, floral off-the-shoulder top. This top incorporates the loose-fitting trend that Doma utilized in his looks. At first glance, Doma’s collection and my outfit are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But, taking a closer look, I incorporate many of the same elements into my own look that reflect my own personal style. This is how you make any runway look your own, even if you don’t love the individual pieces for yourself.

Get My Look: 1. Frayed jeans. 2. Off-the-shoulder top. 3. Heeled sandals.