I’ve learned more in my first year of college compared to any other year in my life, but, if asked, the most important knowledge I’ve gained has to be this: always think ahead. This sentence applies to homework assignments, studying and even choosing what outfits to wear around campus. This advice does not only speak to students–everyone can benefit from planning in advance. Runway designers always think ahead, debuting their genius ideas by putting out pre-fall shows in the beginning of spring. As I came across Proenza Schouler’s pre-fall 2015 collection I didn’t want to wait until next season! Plaids, patterns and ponchos, oh my! These were only a few items I found in this collection. I couldn’t help myself from coming up with ways I could wear these fall pieces during today’s sunny spring weather.

Instead of opting for a plaid flannel on top of a tank top and jeans, I decided to incorporate my favorite trend, plaid, in a different way. When I saw this red shift dress, I was immediately drawn in. I thought the bold, exciting color of this dress matched my personal style more so than Schouler’s collection, which included lots of black, white, gray, brown and different shades of blue. Also in Proenza Schouler’s collection, the models’ clothing was either cinched at their waist, or free flowing like my own, another reason I was so hooked on this collection and dress.

The models kept their accessories and makeup usage to a minimum. I kept a mostly bare face, but not without adding one of my most favorite accessories–red lipstick. I kept it toned down, but thought added color is always an added bonus (no pun intended). As for my feet, the collections’ bold shoes inspired me, so I decided to rock a pair of lace-up black booties. What better way to feel confident in a new look than standing tall in a new pair of shoes?

Get My Look: 1. Red shift dress. 2. Black booties. 3. Red matte lipstick.