STYLE GURU STYLE: Quirky is the New Sexy

When it comes to the cold, I am the last person to want to get out of bed in the morning. I would much rather lay in bed, snuggled under the covers, than expose myself to the elements. To be honest, being able to wear snugly sweaters, knit hats and fuzzy socks is the only motivation for me to get ready the morning. What can I say? I am a slave to fashion.

So when I came across alice + olivia pre-fall 2016 collection, I was eager to get out of bed to recreate this collection. As I mentioned in my STYLE GURU BIO, my style is funky, but put together. That is why I loved the vintage, girliness and simplicity of the outfits. Designer Stacey Bendet described the looks as a “chic librarian or school girl studying at the library.” She incorporated bright colors, sequins, patterns and comfy sweaters, which are all my favorite things to wear. It was a new outlook on sexiness and modesty, which I loved.

The element that immediately caught my attention was the pencil skirt. One of the photos added an extra edge with a leather, black pencil skirt. I added this element to my outfit for a sleek and edgy look. Of course if you want something more casual, black high-waisted pants would look great too. To incorporate some color and dimension, I added an orange patterned, sheer turtleneck.

The turtlenecks the designer used gave it that “chic librarian” feel. I really loved how this piece was layered with a sweater or blazer for a cozier effect. So I also layered on a long sweater vest. I love how the black and white stripes of the vest and the pattern on the turtleneck complemented each other. At first it looked like it may not go together, but the vest made the orange and the flowers on the blouse really pop. This is something that could be easily assembled in the morning and immediately keep you warm, especially if you are like me and hate the cold. For this reason, the knit hats I saw were my favorite element of the outfits.

The knit hats were an unexpected addition to the outfits. It really made the outfits and gave it a warm, casual look that is essential for me in the winter. To match the rest of the look, I put on my white beret hat. It did not take away from the look, but actually accentuated my dark lip. Now to finish the look, the designer paired black booties for simplicity and edge. So I put on some dark blue, open-toed booties.

So if you are having trouble getting out of bed in the morning, just remember winter can be fun. Winter fashion, I mean.

Get My Look: 1. Leather pencil skirt. 2. Turtleneck. 3. Long sweater vest. 4. Beret. 5. Open-toed booties.