STYLE GURU STYLE: Queen of Roses

With the world’s fashion weeks all coming to a close over the past month, I of course took a look through the runway shows and the new spring/summer 2016 collections. I love looking at what has inspired the designers for each new coming season, and then trying to incorporate some of the trends into my current wardrobe. Now, fashion is essentially wearable art so while watching these runway shows some of the looks are very over the top, from the hair all the way down to the Lady Gaga-esque shoes. So the main question that comes to my mind is when would I ever wear something like this? The answer is in the clothes, obviously! Designers are inspired by nature, architecture, people, noises and other forms of art, so the clothes will reflect that. But, you can easily simplify that inspiration and incorporate it into an everyday outfit that doesn’t have Eiffel Tower high heels, and white eyebrows.

My go-to designer, whom I love, is the late Alexander McQueen. I love how edgy and dark his designs can be, but he still maintains a feminine silhouette and makes a woman look sexy in dark, vampy colors. I took a look at his fall/winter fashion trends back in March, since that is the current season we are in. An article that summarized his fall collection beautifully was one from, written by Tim Blanks. Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s creative director, took inspiration from “the spirit of the rose” for the fall/winter line. The main color palette was dusty pinks, deep reds, blacks and cremes with light, washed-out makeup and teased hair. All of the clothes were very fluid and romantic, with feminine silhouettes but with a disheveled twist, by not having a lot of structure in the garments. Almost embracing a decaying rose, so still beautiful but not perfect.

I was really inspired by this collection, and so I was looking through my closet when I happened upon this skirt. I can wear this skirt out and about, I can dress it down with a less structured flowy white top, or dress it up as I did, with a pale pink off-the-shoulder crop top. Showing a little skin is not only sexy, but makes the outfit wearable off the runway and for a fun night out. The length of this skirt is perfect because it really shows off the texture of the roses. Also, it makes the skirt the center of the outfit, which is also why a plain top is essential when wearing a statement piece like this. Dishevelment is my middle name, so I teased up my hair and added a rose clip, and I like that my piercings bring the edge that Alexander McQueen embodies.

Get My Look: 1. Skirt. 2. An off-the-shoulder crop top. 4. Wedges. A hair accessory.