For this post, I’m pushing the last bit of summer allowance. Sadly but surely we are approaching the last few weeks we can wear sandals outside without hearing about how “crazy” we are from someone (I’m looking at you, parents and professors). I’m going to embrace the last few sandal wearing weeks.

This outfit is one that can be safely worn on either a cool summer day or during fall. I made it transitional season appropriate with my Madewell top. By rolling the sleeves up and giving the bottom a quick tie, it keeps you cool (literally) when you’ve been used to more exposed skin the past three months. The cotton breathes as well as you do during that meditation, or rather nap, you take after yoga. The ever so easy and comfy girlfriend jeans will be swapped out towards the end of fall for a darker pair, but for now they’re very September.

While the top and the jeans are perfectly fine on their own, it could become a boring outfit to repeat. In order to keep things interesting keep your options open. So often we get into the same makeup/hair/clothing routine that we lose inspiration. Always remember that you can add unexpected accessories to your outfit to add some edge or sass. I recommend taking a peek in the part of your room or dorm you always forget about. We all have a space filled with jewels and accessories we think we’re going to wear, but skip over it for the comfortable pair of studs worn 24/7.

On a day running errands, I would have worn this outfit with french braids and studs. Today I thought that a dark purple lip and Gorjana hoops would take my outfit to a different level of sass. The purple lip definitely helps add a jewel tone to the cool, neutral color palette.