STYLE GURU STYLE: Puma is Pouncing Back into Style!

Hey lovely people of the Internet! Happy fall! As you all know, New York Fashion Week has come to an end. But there is still a close eye on the fashion shows taking place in Europe. Particularly at Paris Fashion week. One celebrity that is a buzz on the streets of New York and on all social media is the one, the only, Rihanna. With her new collaboration with Puma, she has created her own line named Fenty. Since her line has been created, she has been put in Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and many other stores and has also had featured pop-up shops which have helped to show off her line and generate an enormous amount of business. She had two runway shows for spring/summer 2017. Her streetwear looks were greatly appreciated by many.

Her line appeals to younger generations because the younger generation is familiar with her, and she is admired constantly for her style. The collection comes at varying prices and is also ready to wear clothing which people also found appealing.

For me personally, I loved the looks she created with her clothing, and the way she gave classic streetwear an edge. She made comfort look stylish which is not always easy. Women want to feel stylish so they feel confident, but also wear what makes them comfortable.

In the featured pictures, I am wearing two products of the Fenty line: the drawstring shirt and the puma slides. I find that I wear these items when I simply “cannot find anything” in my crowded closet. It is easy to match and comfortable to wear anywhere. I paired my Fenty clothing with a leather hat, wool jacket and basic black ripped jeans. The perfect outfit for a cool fall day!