STYLE GURU STYLE: Psychedelic Ease

It seems to be during every season, there is always a staple look that so many will try to copy for the next coming months. Floral resonates with spring, while fur may speak to the autumn months, but for some designers, breaking the mold for the entire look of their line is what’s fun about debuting for the season. Designer Raquel Allegra does just that, incorporating an edgy look while still staying as feminine as can be. The cool part about Raquel Allegra is that she is slowly making her way out for public presentations. The even cooler part about her spring ready-to-wear 2016 line is that I got to be in the presence of said presentation. Getting to intern for Krupp Group last summer, I was asked to help with their client’s presentations, and Raquel Allegra was one of them. After seeing the punk rock edge with a wave of femininity, I wanted to incorporate every single vibe from her work into my closet.

After revisiting this collection six months later, I knew that I wanted to give off the same look as many of the pieces in Allegra’s collection. One piece that stuck out to me back during New York Fashion Week and still does to this day is a navy and blue tie-dye T-shirt dress, which gives of a psychedelic, easy feeling vibe, perfect for the upcoming warm months. It was almost fate when I looked through my sea of clothing and found the perfect flowing T-shirt dress that is uncanny in color and pattern. T-shirt dresses are the perfect alternative on a sunny day if you want to ditch the jeans and screen print T-shirt and look dressy, yet still stay comfortable! A lot of Allegra’s pieces in this collection are filled with custom shoes such as platforms, creepers and sandals. Keeping it simple, I decided to pair a strappy sandal, staying true to the bohemian vibe that is seen throughout the collection. To top it off and to add a pop of color, my pink cat eye sunglasses are ready for the summer rays.

Keeping my word on dressing comfortable and casual, I wanted to stay true to Raquel Allegra’s designing principles, integrating the bohemian vibe she knows so well. It’s no trouble staying true to your style while incorporating touches of various aesthetics with different designers. All you have to do is make what works for you and keep in mind that you can be bold and be yourself, but still push boundaries a little bit. With my fours years of fashion school coming to a close, this is the most valuable information I’ve learned.

Get My Look: 1. Tie dye T-shirt dress. 2. A pair of sandals. 3. A pair of cat eye sunglasses.