STYLE GURU STYLE: Proportions at Play

Hellessy’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection was all about playing with proportions and length. Most outfits maintained neutral colors, like gray, taupe, black and cream. Each look was simple, yet unexpectedly beautiful and refined. Long coats and oversized scarves framed fitted pencil skirts, while loose sweaters and shirts were paired with skinny trousers. Each outfit was eye-catching and unique in a very classy and easy manner. Hellesy’s collection reminded me of how powerful just one piece can be when paired with additional layers that accentuate, not distract.

I decided to frame my outfit around a long, oversized plaid scarf. I layered it with a long cream vest. Then, to keep the focus on my scarf, I picked a denim shirt and pants with different washes. To play up the colors in the scarf, I added my green and orange Nike boots. A pair of aviators finished the look. While my shoes, scarf and vest have a chunkier feel, my two denim pieces are slim and fitted. By experimenting with similar shades and different sizes, I was able to create a balanced, flattering look

This collection inspired me to keep my outfits polished and sophisticated by focusing on one or two statement pieces. Layering with different lengths can often take the place of color and adds pizazz to a look that might otherwise feel boring and plain. I’m excited to give all the scarves and vests in my closet a lot more love this season.

Get My Look: 1. A chunky scarf. 2. A long vest. 3. A pair of sneaker wedges.