STYLE GURU STYLE: Pretty In Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors in the rainbow. What many don’t know is that it’s the color of royalty. However, in my opinion if one wants to add a little extra burst of royalty then purple is always a good idea!

My outfit is inspired by the looks in Atelier Versace fall 2015 collection. Most of the line consists of various hues of purple as well as other bright colors that you would normally see for spring and summer fashion. It’s a definite change from the usual reds, browns and oranges from fall. However, I think it’s a good change, as it’s fresh and different from the normal fall colors you see every year. Fall is the season of change, so why don’t we change the way we approach fall styles?

My outfit is very simple, perfect for a hot summer day and inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s era as well as looks in the collection.  A fun purple sundress does the trick because it’s a stylish way to keep me cool during these dog days of summer. I then threw on a pair of black flip flops, which are a must for summer fashion. When thinking about summer style, having a pair of snazzy sunglasses is a must for me, because it always makes me feel a lot more glamorous and adds a degree of sophistication to whatever I’m wearing.

To complete my look, I added a few fun bracelets since the rest of my outfit is so simple to make sure my outfit really pops. One of my favorite parts about summer is since I’m always wearing short sleeves because it gives me a chance to break out the fun bracelets I have!

Get My Look: 1. Purple sundress. 2. LC by Lauren Conrad flip flops. 3. Sunglasses.