September 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

With fall comes New York Fashion week, and it’s something all fashion lovers want to be a part of. Along with fall also comes the bittersweet reminder that winter will be right around the corner. Spring will come along soon enough, so to keep those good vibes going, I wanted to share my take on the Wes Gordon spring 2016 ready-to-wear looks.

His pieces portrayed silhouettes versatile for both spring and fall with deep oranges, yellows and off whites. A couple of sleeveless vests and long coats with a play on lace and leather also made an appearance.

As ready as I am for sweater weather, I don’t feel ready to bring out my snow boots and jackets, but I am definitely ready to prepare for Minnesota’s Fashion Week, so seeing the collections that designers had to offer during New York Fashion Week is giving me a chance to get looks ready for the events here.

My personal taste varies. It can change dramatically, but I’ve always fancied leather, the warmer/darker tones and lace. I guess that I dig this collection even more because of the praise it has received. Bring on the plaid, slouchy sweaters and cutout shoulder tunics—a ’90s inspiration drawn from Winona Ryder is anything but simple. It was fierce.

I tried recreating some of the transitional looks by layering up a lace bandeau with a long sweater to welcome in the fall, which I paired over leather paneled leggings from local Minneapolis designer Tessa Louise and some neutral toned Steve Madden booties to balance it all off. Maybe I love this collection because I’m a ’90s child or maybe it’s simply because I appreciate a bit of deviation from the mainstream looks every now and then.

Get My Look: 1. Long, sleeveless sweater. 2. Leather paneled leggings. 3. Booties.