STYLE GURU STYLE: Powder Blue Skies Ahead

October 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

Though fall is well on its way with New York Fashion Week and fur-lined loafers, Florida is lagging behind the trend per usual. Tweed jackets and leather boots are simply not conducive to the 90-degree heat that has overstayed its very long visit in the Sunshine State. So as I dream of cashmere and stylish boots, at least I can use my Floridian status to try out the trends we will be seeing this spring. While I hope I won’t get arrested by the fashion police, I find a bit of relief in the reality that many seasonal rules have dissolved, at least for now! If it is fashionable to wear white pumps after Labor Day and pastels can be worn in December, then a powder blue lace dress shouldn’t be too audacious.

SInce no art exhibit can match the diversity and innovation that comes to New York Fashion Week, it is hard to choose a favorite collection. However, there are definitely distinguishable characteristics worth marveling at with each line. For me, it was the sweet simplicity of the Milly spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The off-the-shoulder silhouette was a recurring theme, as was powder blue, on the weightless fabrics that flitted down the runway. Each piece of the lineup had its unique geometric construction, whether with an asymmetrical hem or unconventional neckline, yet the apparel was wearable and daytime friendly.

I adapted these trends into my look with a lace Bardot dress from Topshop, which I combined with a color-blocked box tote and nude pumps. Though different from the Milly collection, the lace detailing on the delicate sleeves and overlay reminded me of the inventive features in the dresses from the show. Granted, autumn has much different styles in store, but there are already wonderful spring trends to look forward to!

Get My Look: 1. An off-the-shoulder dress. 2. Nude pumps. 3. An off-white tote.