STYLE GURU STYLE: Posh Spice-Inspired

September 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Many of us know Victoria Beckham as arguably the best Spice Girl, or the lucky woman who has the pleasure of calling the gorgeous David Beckham her husband. We often forget that Mrs. Beckham is an amazing and accomplished designer. Victoria Beckham’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection inspired my look. The collection is full of thick fabrics, turtlenecks and buttons, which are a few of my favorite things. Beckham’s collection is timeless. The use of neutrals allows the design of the pieces to shine.

I decided to add a little edge to my look by choosing a pink cropped turtleneck that I found at Urban Outfitters a few days ago. I thought the piece was perfect for fall because it can be paired with high-waisted jeans and a sweater for cooler days. When I saw the black corduroy skirt hidden away, my heart fluttered with joy. I know that this high-waisted, button-down skirt will be a staple in my closet this fall.

My shoes were a splurge for back-to-school shopping. I found these rag & bone sneakers and instantly fell in love. Here’s the kicker (pun intended), the last pair was just my size. I figured it must be fate and treated myself. After all, every girl needs a killer pair of shoes to start off the semester, right?

This look was Victoria Beckham-inspired with a little twist of my own. It’s important to add a piece of your own personal style to every look. My style tends to be a little edgy, so I love to wear sneakers with skirts and a lot of black. When drawing inspiration from runway looks, make note of the main points and then add your own touch. For this look, I found pieces with big buttons, thick fabrics and neutrals. Then, I added accessories and some cool kicks to make the look my own. Remember, fashion is a mode of self-expression so don’t be afraid to change things up and show your true colors.

Get My Look: 1. A sick pair of sneakers. 2. Some fun bold accessories. 3. A button-down skirt.