First things first, you’re probably wondering why a keyword in this article is “winter” as I am standing on a warm beach. This is an outfit that would typically not be found in the cold temperatures of Wisconsin (or Minnesota, where I am originally from) during February. Fortunately, I was able to escape the snowdrifts for a week between semesters and travel to the warmth in Florida. Now, if you’re originally from anywhere in the south, this outfit may seem ideal this time of year; however, if you’re stuck in the cold like me, this is a perfect look to plan for a spring break vacation (unless you’re brave enough to rock it in the negative temperatures).

Nevertheless, I wanted to look fashionable in summer clothing considering I would have to wait a good five months until I could do so again. I scrolled across Altuzarra: resort 2016. Not only was I drawn in by the resort theme, but the styles were a bit formal yet also perfect for a casual night out. Never hearing of this before, I looked through the rest of his collections and really enjoyed them. The spring collection, from Joseph Altuzarra, was the perfect collaboration of bold colors and traditional-black business attire. Although the models’ looked professional, they didn’t fail to look anything less than stylish. The looks arrayed from business attire such as blazers, dress pants, pencil skirts and various dresses. The part that struck me the most was the contrast of color each style had. As a person who’s closet is mainly black in color, adding that perfect “pop” of color is easy.

Inspired from Altuzarra, I decided to find a dressy yet casual outfit with a perfect contrast of color for walking along the shores of the beach. Luckily, I found a dress that was black and white, just begging for accessories. I thought about all the great colors that I could use, and not to be taken by surprise, I chose pink. I started off by putting on my dress, which is knee-length with a mock-neck style. I paired it with a hot pink cross-body bag and a large sunhat. With the gold stripes from my hat, I matched my sandals and watch. A few more accessories jazzed up the look, but the mirrored sunglasses finalized the look.

The finished outfit is a combination of beachwear and a night out at a sandbar. It looks sophisticated and bold, however it was simple and makes a statement!

Get My Look: 1. Black and white dress. 2. Bright purse. 3. Floppy sunhat.