STYLE GURU STYLE: Poncho, Pretty Please

I guess the old saying really is true: everything comes back into style. I vividly remember wearing ponchos as a little girl, often handmade by my grandmother. Like many trends, though, this fad seemed to fade away without even realizing it. Whether just partially incorporated in a unique way, or mimicked to a T, many past trends eventually make their way back into style several decades later. There are some we may not be so fond of; however, in my case, I could not be more thrilled that my beloved ponchos have made a comeback.

The inspiration behind this look comes from the Chloé fall 2015 collection, as it incorporates many of the elements in a wearable, every day outfit. The presence of neutral patterns throughout the collection and an overall feminine feel lie at the foundation of the look, while multiple modern day trends help to prove that this is something any Fashionista can pull off.

Everyone has a pair of denim jeans somewhere in their closet, and the popular fringe booties can be found at a variety of different stores. The wool hat, an extremely hot commodity in the fashion world today, should not be hard to find either. In order to make it appear as if the entire outfit may have even come as a set, I’ve chosen a relaxed and comfortable long sleeve maroon shirt to be worn under the poncho. It matches the hat entirely, not just in terms of its color but in terms of its soft, felt-like texture as well. This consistency allows the patterned poncho to truly be the central focus of the look.

So whether you’re like me and enjoy reminiscing on old times by breaking these bad boys out again, or whether you’re simply excited to try wearing ponchos for the first time, don’t hesitate to sport them this holiday season. It is one trend you don’t want to miss out on! I’m no fashion forecaster, but if you do happen to miss out, who knows, maybe they’ll eventually make their way back in style once more. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Get My Look: 1. Patterned poncho. 2. Wool hat. 3. Fringe booties.