STYLE GURU STYLE: Pleated Perfection

August 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

We were all in for a treat in Christian Dior’s 2016 resort line. This powerful fashion house showcased a playful, youthful edge that marveled the crowd off of their seats. The line consisted of classic silhouettes in a playful arrangement. We saw the additions of bar silhouettes as well as drop waists and high-waisted perfections. The impeccable prints added a fun, youthful spirit to the game. The plaid, stripes and the saturated watercolor prints let us reminisce on a beautiful childhood. The overall fashion show created a lively atmosphere by maintaining a youthful theme through the line.

There was one specific trend that I could not get my mind off of, and as my mom always says, “Give it a week, and if you cant forget about it, buy it.” As usual, I had a very clear vision of a pleated skirt, almost like the dreaded ones that you would wear as your elementary uniform. Dior’s line showcased the pleat trend in a beautiful all-white, drop waist dress with a pleated skirt. To me, this is basically what heaven could possibly be.

Even though the all-white look was perfect, it would be impossible for a clumsy person like myself to wear. When I wear white, I display the sauces or toppings of my lunch throughout my outfit, and thus, I opted for my safety net. You can never go wrong with black. I paired my pleated tennis skirt with a mesh embroidered top and a thick bralette for more coverage.

I kind of feel like I could belong in Dior’s line. I feel playful yet bold. This pleated skirt brings out my youthful spirit in a way that powerful clothing does.

Get My Look: 1. Perfect pleated skirt. 2. Embroidered top. 3. Bralette.