STYLE GURU STYLE: Playful Androgyny

Never have I understood how it is possible to wear jeans when it is over 85 degrees out. Just the thought of wearing full-length pants in the summer makes me sweat. Nonetheless, I’ve always wanted to find a pair of easy, flowy, lightweight pants to wear in the summer, because it looks so effortless. It’s almost as if those wearing full-length pants are somehow immune to the heat. I bet they don’t even check the weather forecast since nothing can get in their way of wearing what they want. Unfortunately for me, the slightest heat will bring me to my knees. In fact, in an apocalyptic world where we succumb to intense heat, I will be the first to go.

In my search for the perfect pair of summer pants, I found exactly what I was looking for in Tibi’s resort 2016 collection. The culottes, so widely cut that they resembled Tibi’s famous midi skirts, were all I could have asked for. I picked up a pair in my size and was brought back to reality as I saw the price tag. My beloved pants were returned to the rack, and the search continued on until last week when I found a gorgeous pair of culottes.

In a chic navy color, I knew they would work for all seasons. The high-waisted rise makes these pants the perfect match for cropped tops. The extra volume in the leg is surprisingly flattering, even though I could easily fit both my legs into only one pant hole. The pleat detailing and cropped length are super chic, and I loved how these pants resembled menswear.

I wanted to add some femininity to the outfit, which is why I paired it with a floral lace crop top. The boxy silhouette of the top and the fluidity of the pants kept me cool all day, even though it reached over 90 degrees!

I also wore my Birkenstocks, which I personally think are a must-have for any Fashionista that does a lot of walking. My last accessory is my bucket bag. It’s a light pink color, so it’s very feminine, but its boxy, structured shape keeps this outfit grounded.

I went minimal on the makeup, concealing any imperfections with my all time favorite concealer by Cle de Peau. A touch of cream blush on the apples of my cheeks, a coat of mascara, some brow powder and a swipe of lip balm completed my no-fuss melt-proof look.

Get My Look: 1. Wide culottes. 2. Short sleeve lace top. 3. Birkenstocks. 4. A bucket bag.