I have always dreamed about wearing a couture gown. I imagine when the models put one on they instantly feel like a Disney Princess. That is why I have always loved fashion since I was young. I love “dressing up” and making fashion my own.

In this week’s look, I took inspiration from Chloé pre-fall 2015 runway collection. This collection showcased femininity with hints of tomboy in each piece. The pieces had many influences of the ’70s in them with wide-legged pants, fur coats and hints of suede.

What really caught my attention about this collection were the women modeling the clothing. They were so comfortable in the clothing and completely embodied what the designer was trying to influence.

When I looked at the photographs from the collection, I saw many neutral colors. They included suede, wool, fur and leather. I took this information and went straight to my closet. You can see how I interpreted the collection in my pictures.

I put on this amazing brown suede skirt I had recently bought and paired it with a white sleeveless blouse. I wanted to showcase the neutral colors of brown and white. I finished my look with a leather jacket for my final layer. Another great thing to throw on top would be a cape. Chloé’s collection shows many jackets and capes in neutral colors from black to red. I think that putting on any type of jacket always completes an outfit and makes the outfit truly come together.

Get My Look: 1. A brown suede skirt. 2. A white blouse. 3. A leather jacket.