STYLE GURU STYLE: Periwinkle Plaid

When perusing through Vogue.com gushing over the gorgeous designs of the pre-fall 2016 runway shows, I came across a designer that I had never heard of before. The designer was Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and he was presenting a collection for Rochas. This runway show was filled with beautiful jewel-toned patterns and the perfect mix of two styles: preppy and dramatic. All of the silhouettes were of a longer length and fit loosely, making the flow of the collection very cohesive.

The looks in this collection were definitely more couture than my everyday style. In order to be able to translate these runway trends into a cute, casual outfit that I could wear everyday, I decided to focus on three things from the collection. I focused on the plaid, print mixing and periwinkle color.

In order to get the print mixing right, I chose to wear a basic, black and white striped long sleeve with the plaid blanket scarf. When mixing prints it is important to make sure both patterns coincide well with each other. By keeping one on the simple side, you’re guaranteed to get this trend right! The plaid print of the blanket scarf reminded me of the one from the Rochas runway presentation. I thought that it was the perfect representation of the overall runway trend.

Even though there were many beautiful colors throughout the outfits designed by Dell’Acqua, the periwinkle blue stood out to me. It also happened to be present in the scarf so it worked out perfectly! I decided to add the booties and wrist candy as well to add a little flare to the look.

Get My Look: 1. Plaid blanket scarf. 2. Striped shirt. 3. Booties.