STYLE GURU STYLE: Peek-a-boo Bralettes and Oversized Jackets

The young and famous minimalist designer, Alexander Wang, does it again with his spring 2016 ready-to-wear line. He debuted his latest collections of sexy and bold garments on September 12th, with which I immediately fell in love. His runway looks were equally as structured and sharp as they were see-through and oversized. The fabulous pieces were intriguing and inspiring, coveted by fashion lovers like me. Wang’s spring ready-to-wear line resonates with my daily style.

Inspired by Alexander Wang and my normal look, I am wearing a plain colored top that lets you see the real style happening underneath, my bralette. Any color bralette will do, black, purple, white, you name it and I probably own it. These comfortable little bra-alternatives have become a new passion of mine, and I love seeing it on the Alexander Wang runway!
A sheer top can be a bit overwhelming at times, so it’s usually a good idea to pair the top and bralette with a baggy jacket, cardigan or flannel. This layered look combined with a simple pair of neutral colored pants or leggings is perfect for any day. This outfit is fairly similar to looks seen by Wang.

Here, you can see my translation of Wang’s look. I am sporting my favorite turquoise tank top from Urban Outfitters that I like to tie at the side, with a trusty purple bralette. I’m wearing a comfortable pair of black jeans on the bottom, and to dress it up a bit I wear this casual look with brown high-heeled booties. My combination of colors paired with a darker wool cardigan helps make my outfit appropriate for the fall colors. October is really here people, time to start dressing like it.

Get My Look: 1. Any sheer (or slightly sheer) top. 2. Bralette. 3. Big jacket or cardigan.