STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterns and Pumps

STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterns and Pumps

Bonjour tout le monde! Featured today is my absolute favorite outfit, which I happened to style for my birthday last month. Of course, it was pouring rain on my birthday, and New York’s streets were flooded with water, but I never let the rain dictate how I feel and dress. As cheesy as it sounds, I dress so that the rain will not affect my mood, especially on my favorite day of the year.

Today, thankfully, it is not raining, so no need to bring out the rain boots. However, you’ll see my favorite Calvin Klein stilettos instead. This outfit actually started with the Kate Spade pants though, not the shoes. I’m obsessed with the fabric of the pants—a beautiful, iridescent, rose colored silk blend with a gray motif. Gorgeous! After choosing the pants, I realized I wanted something bold for my birthday, so I decided to do a little pattern play. To go with the checked, silk pants, I added my favorite off-the-shoulder, black wrap top from Guess and my black and white lace-print satin jacket from The Limited.

As far as accessories go, it is absolutely impossible for my to leave my dorm without a hat or a scarf; I feel incomplete without them. For this outfit, I pulled a scarf of contrasting pattern with a similar color scheme to pull together the ensemble. My favorite black beret made its entrance in the hat department. For jewelry, I selected the rhodium crystal studded earrings I found while working at Swarovski over the summer. As a last addition, a pair of black leather gloves worked their way into the outfit, each adorned with a row of sophisticated, classic buttons.

Now, if you are looking for a similar outfit, but one that is different enough to make uniquely your own, you are in luck- I have styled an ensemble in similar fashion to this. Check out these patterned pants, white ruffle blouse, black cape, Kate Spade scarf, beret, and high-heeled penny loafers for a unique pattern-play look of your own. And yes, the look may be a pretty penny, but even purchasing one or two pieces like these will add so many options to your wardrobe. I promise to only share pieces with you that are of good quality that will last many years. Paying more and buying less is how I have worked to build my wardrobe. It’s not easy finding a piece I am willing to spend more on, but when I do, I treasure it, and it is a piece that I will always love to wear.

See what you have in your closet already and try mixing patterns for yourself. Let me know if you find any beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe for experimentation! Please don’t forget to leave a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Until next time…