STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterns and Prints

December 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

As seen from previous articles, my usual wardrobe consists of tons of neutral colors with plenty of maroon and olive to go around. However, every now and then I do shake it up with patterns and other color choices. This ensemble is one of those choices.

Since I worship everything about Burberry, it is no surprise that I try to incorporate some of Christopher Bailey’s genius into my wardrobe. (At a reasonable price, that is. I am only a college student). This specific look was inspired by the Burberry fall 2015 collection. Bailey used plenty of rich fall colors, but also various mixtures of different prints and patterns. The ‘70s are still alive and well on the runway.

I’m normally a single print kind of gal, but this outfit is by far one of my favorites in my closet! There is always a lot of hesitation for anyone wanting to try out multiple different patterns in the same outfit, but I suggest just going for it! I started out with a combination of small patterns, but over time I hope to work up to bigger and bolder patterns like in the Burberry collection.

My outfit consists of a cropped maroon sweater (I promise it is maroon) and an animal print skirt from Topshop. The tights are my absolute favorite pair from ASOS with a bird pattern. Finally to emphasize the zipper on the skirt, I have gold swingback earrings and heels with gold hardware. Of course any Fashionista wouldn’t be caught dead without lipstick in the winter so I donned Revlon’s raisin rage.

Next time you go to your closet, grab those patterned items you always thought about putting together, but never have. We can get away with these crazy outfits while we’re young and not having to wear business professional every day. Try it once and walk out the door without a second thought. You might just find your new favorite outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A leopard A-line skirt. 2. Patterned tights. 3. Cropped sweater.