STYLE GURU STYLE: Patriotic Prep

There is nothing I love more about May fashion than being able to wear my beloved miniskirts and three-fourth sleeve cardigans once again.  As Memorial Day approaches, I get to bring out my favorite springtime pieces in shades of red, white and blue.  Regardless of the season, I always like to try new makeup trends that flatter my ensembles, even if it means including bold eye shadows to my daily look, such as the color navy.

Marc Jacobs’ spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection mimics my personal springtime style by blending patriotic colors with preppy pieces.  Whether it’s plaid shorts or a varsity sweatshirt, he uses color to make his campus-inspired clothing look fresh and not dated.  The models’ beauty looks also follow his color scheme by pairing a traditional nude lip with navy painted eyes.

As I put together my Marc Jacobs-inspired outfit, I was drawn to the way he incorporated red, white and blue into his designs. I decided to pair the comfort of a varsity cardigan with a plaid miniskirt to give my look more structure, making sure to follow his patriotic color palette. I also kept my top simple in order to avoid mixing patterns, which could make my outfit seem busy and less polished.

Since most college students opt out of bold, editorial makeup looks on campus, I wanted to make a more wearable version of the eye shadow worn by Marc Jacobs’ models.  Halo eyes are one of the biggest, most flattering makeup trends of the year, making the wearer’s eyes appear more rounded.  I used navy eye shadow on the inner and outer corners of my eyelids with a pale, shimmery gold for the “halo” in the center.  In order to warm up the look, I blended a light brown into my eyelid crease to prevent the navy from looking too heavy. Just like in Marc Jacobs’ runway show, I used a light pink lip color to keep the drama focused on my eyes.

A new color palette can make classic pieces feel exciting again. One of the best parts of Marc Jacobs’ collection is how he uses comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces that also look polished because of his uniform color scheme.  I love being able to put a new twist on clothing pieces I already love to wear, while also featuring pops of color on my eyelids to bring the whole look together. In that way, I can explore new runway trends, without having to venture too far from my personal style.

Get My Look: 1. A red, white and blue plaid skirt.  2. A varsity-styled sweater or cardigan. 3. Patent leather flats.