Return of the retro means patches are totally in right now. Aside from being trendy, patches are a great way to add a touch of personality and color to an outfit. It’s also a fantastic medium for artists to share their work with others. One of my favorite Instagram accounts and business is @gimmeflair. They are a lady-run shop and feature patches, pins, and buttons from over 200+ makers. If you’re looking to venture into the patch field, I would highly suggest checking them out and supporting small artists!

In this look, I’m sporting a gray sweater with a bunch of fun patches and a mock-neck neckline. Turtlenecks keep you warm in the winter months without adding a layer but sometimes it can be overbearing. Instead, I prefer mock-necks to give that bit of coverage without being too much. Because the top is pretty involved, the rest of this outfit is relatively simple. You can never go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans and comfy sneakers. The shoes I’m wearing are actually from a Kids Foot Locker, no shame in saving where you can. I finished the look with a red baseball cap to give it more of a street vibe and to keep my hair in place on a windy day so I don’t look like Medusa (oh, the struggle of long hair in the winter).

I like to have balance in my outfits. As I mentioned before, the top has a lot going on so the rest of the outfit is simple. Another example is that the top is cropped and a bit boxy, so I paired it with skinny jeans for a tighter fit on the bottom half. If I’m wearing a tighter top, I usually go for joggers or something more loose-fitting on the bottom.

This look is casual and comfortable but also shows personality and that you put some effort into your look.