STYLE GURU STYLE: Patch Perfection

The summer semester means a break from classes and, in turn, a break from typical school day outfits. However, classic prep-school and military vibes can definitely rock this summer. Added bonus: preppy looks can be perfect for interviews and internships! One runway show I loved from this spring was Marc Jacobs’ ready-to-wear show at New York Fashion Week. This collection provided a plethora of varsity prep and military-chic looks. It also featured some very Americana vibes, with a focus on a patriotic red, white and blue color palette. My favorite pieces of the collection were the amazing denim jackets and varsity jackets with pins and patches.

Drawing inspiration from many elements of Marc Jacobs’ spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, I put together an outfit that feels effortlessly cool, and can be used for a bunch of occasions. I absolutely loved the patches on the jackets and sweaters in the runway show, but I know that thick jackets are almost never practical for summer! Therefore, I decided that this distressed denim dress from Zara, complete with a random but cool assortment of patches, would strike the perfect balance between the collection and my personal summer style preferences. The dress brings funky patchwork to an easy one-piece summer look.

Now, classic prep vibes can often come off as too stiff or formal, so I also focused on effectively translating this into a look that is fully summer ready! To bring lighter and brighter vibes to some of Marc Jacobs’ looks, I decided to pair my dress with nude lace-up sandals and a mini-backpack in the same shade. I feel like the lace-up sandals essentially brought the dress to the level of a breezy summer day. Lace-up sandals are very popular this summer—I think it’s because of their ability to work for both a dressy look (think: a nighttime romper and statement necklace combo) or a casual look (think: denim cutoffs, a tank top and sunnies). What’s more, since a Fashionista always needs a cute place to keep her essentials (phone, wallet, camera and mascara!), I chose the mini backpack as a cute and practical option. Plus, this backpack brings more of Marc Jacobs’ school and military vibes to the look, as opposed to your typical purse.

Essentially, this look is my take on Marc Jacobs’ spring 2016 military and prep school vibes, perfected for summer. This look can take you anywhere from an art museum, to coffee with friends or sightseeing on your summer vacay! You can even DIY a jacket, shorts, or a dress with patches to create your own version. I just love it!


Get My Look: 1. Dress with patches. 2. Lace-up sandals. 3. Any backpack.