STYLE GURU STYLE: Parisian Patterns

March 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

We have to admit that fashion in western Pennsylvania isn’t always the most fashion-forward. There are many other places in the world that have upcoming styles that we probably won’t have until next fall. To find out more about what the trends are, there is no better place to go then the fashion capital of the world, Paris, France. During my recent trip to Paris, France, I noticed a large group of Fashionistas wearing a variety of patterns and prints. I loved it. After looking through the Leonard spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I immediately fell in love with the way he styled denim with patterend prints. Without a doubt, Leonard knew what he was doing when he created that collection of Parisian fashion.

Like I said earlier, I fell in love with the denim and patterened prints. Most of Leonard’s collection included denim prints and floral prints on silk. Of course, I can’t afford silk prints, but I still wanted to incorporate this look somehow. The way I decided to style my own ensemble was by focusing on my patterned pants, like this look on the runway. My black and white floral harem pants were my go-to piece for this look. Not only were my pants floral print, but they also had a geometric feel with the pockets. In order to get denim into my look, I wore an unbuttoned denim shirt from Charlotte Russe.

Walking around Paris in my mostly Parisian-styled outfit felt amazing. In order to completely feel Parisian, I added a Michael Kors cross-body satchel. Cross-body bags are a huge trend in Paris right now. Parisians don’t go for boho bags or large totes. Their culture is all about “smaller is better.”

With the spring season approaching, try to add some patterned prints and denim into your wardrobe. To go more on the daring side, add a piece of clothing that isn’t actual denim but denim print. Also, add more dainty, floral prints into your ensemble to mimic the looks of Leonard.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of fun, patterned pants. 2. A light, denim shirt. 3. A cross-body satchel.