STYLE GURU STYLE: Oversized Neutrals with a Twist

Hello again! This week I was surprised to find on Snapchat one of my favorite people for style ideas, WeWoreWhat. She showed herself getting ready to go to Public School’s spring 2017 ready-to-wear runway show. This show was similar to their previous shows but had some differences. It kept with the true Public School style, but the runway setup itself was very interesting. It featured a backdrop of random people hammering blocks in what looked like full body suits with face nets. They wore yellow rubber gloves. This pop of yellow was a running theme throughout the entire show. The oversized garments in this collection give off an edgy yet laid back vibe that goes perfectly with my summer style. The show then ended with a strong message that I believe is very important. One of the people in the backdrop came to the blank wall and spray painted the words, “We need leaders.”

After watching this show, I was inspired to put together some pieces that I would have never thought of putting together. I normally stick to putting a tighter top with this micro-pleated midi skirt, but for this outfit I paired it with my new white lace-up top. To bring in the pop of color I chose to carry my red kate spade new york shoulder bag. This purse is the perfect accessory for any outfit, especially when it is paired with neutrals and this antique ring I got from my grandma. I chose to wear Chelsea boots because in the Public School show, they were wearing what looked like high-tops.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up Top. 2. Micro-pleated midi Skirt. 3. Bright purse. 4. Detailed boots.