STYLE GURU STYLE: Overall Happiness

Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini, the creators of the brand Sea, created an amazing ready-to-wear show that was a mixture of ’70s style with free flowing material with many blue and white hues. One of the main materials I focused on while viewing the show was their use of denim. Denim doesn’t have to end just in the jeans or shorts that we wear. Rocking a denim vest or even overalls are a different and refreshing way to pull off one of the many casual looks displayed by Sea. This brand makes it easy to take their runway looks to your daily street style.

The Sea brand is one that really harnesses a truly effortless way to dress and that can be seen throughout this particular show. The outfits in the show used matching materials and colors throughout while also having a variety of one-piece outfits such as jumpsuits and dresses. The style of Sea embodies a vintage and casual look that puts this brand into the timeless category for sure.

I chose to recreate one of their blue denim and white color scheme outfits by taking out my good old denim overalls and put them to good Fashionista use. Underneath I wore a white crop top to keep the look simple yet a little edgy and matched the crop top to my white high-top Converse. I chose to go with only two bangles and a beaded bracelet that were still light and neutral colored but didn’t make my outfit look so bare. This outfit not only kept me comfortable, but works for any casual activity that you might be taking part in this upcoming school year!

Get My Look: 1. Cool overalls. 2. Calm crop top. 3. Collective sneakers.