For summer travel, light packing almost always comes in handy. The less pieces you need to make versatile outfits, the better! The ideal travel clothing also can be dressed up and doesn’t require much space or ironing. When prepping for a tour of the Pacific Northwest, I kept Ulla Johnson‘s resort 2016 line in mind. The collection demonstrates the power of jumpsuits and overalls, from linen blends to dark dungarees.

The simplicity of these cotton overalls makes them a true one hit wonder. The black and white pattern looks whimsical but won’t go out of style anytime soon. Sweet marbled buttons add extra texture to the look and side pockets feel perfect for pensive traveling. I also made sure to choose overalls that, albeit affordable, had some key points of structure. A cinched waist helps the overalls from losing shape, and the slightly cropped hems make the tailoring look polished rather than sloppy. I think having these cropped ankles amps up the look’s summertime sophistication!

While I accessorized with simple silver jewelry and trusty flat sandals, my biggest challenge was actually what to layer under the overalls. They are cut low on the sides, so a bra alone definitely didn’t suffice. I ended up using the joined forces of a lace bandeau and one of my old dance leotards. Turns out, it’s a super handy piece to pack while traveling! More flattering and fitted than a tank top, the leotard adds a ladylike layer without the boxiness of a shirt or blouse. It doesn’t distract from the overalls and lets them speak for themselves while providing necessary practicality. Plus, any peeks of lace only add femininity to the young look.

If you plan on hitting the road during summer’s final days, a few overalls are must-haves. Layer them with scarves, denim jackets and straw hats for perfect looks while meandering. Plus, once fall rolls around, you can pair overalls with leather jackets and statement necklaces. Without a doubt, this trend revolutionizes the ease of sophisticated outfits on the go.

Get My Look: 1. Lightweight overalls. 2. A leotard for layering. 3. Simple sandals.