With spring quickly blossoming, I looked to the spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection from Ace & Jig to help prepare for this season. This casual and quirky collection featured many one piece items that were reminiscent of classic overalls. The fabrics used for these looks had a vintage yet exotic appeal. Different patterns and layers were woven into every ensemble to create interest and cohesiveness. Designers Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan drew inspiration from India, where their fabrics are woven, and from the beach pajama fad of the 1920s. Faded blue patterns were included in almost every look, but the second look was the one that inspired me to create a fun outfit of my own.

To incorporate this look into my everyday wardrobe, I wore a blue striped denim overall dress with a white crop top underneath paired with beige converse and floral socks. I accessorized with a statement gold bib necklace, gold butterfly earrings and some gold and pearl bracelets. The gold accents made this outfit more delicate, but the sneakers added the sporty edge I usually wear when walking about.

Creating this look was a challenge because I usually don’t wear my denim overalls. This outfit was simpler than most of my other looks but it allowed me to layer up on accessories. I also experimented with the styling of the outfit by pairing something so flouncy as my dress and something more practical, such as my sneakers. This look will definitely be in circulation from now on because it’s breathable for those bright spring days and casual enough to wear to school.

Get My Look: 1. A denim overall dress. 2. A simple white crop top. 3. The statement bracelet.