STYLE GURU STYLE: On Wednesdays, We Wear Black

Maybe it’s the holiday season or the fact that preparation for finals is in high gear, but my wardrobe is starting to look more and more like Wednesday Adams’. Black is chic, classic and reliable. There’s no wonder why the fashion industry is partial to black garments. The fact that designers make multiple silhouettes and styles makes it even easier to pull off an all-black ensemble.

Tying in the timeless effect of the little black dress, this week’s look is a variation of a look from Wes Gordon’s resort 2015 collection. Gordon’s collection is centered on structured garments with clean lines that evoke a sense of strength and simplicity.

The dress I am wearing encompasses all of those characteristics, but is more affordable for the average Fashionista. With the weather beginning to cool down, I love having longer options for dresses that are both cute and practical. Much like its Gordon mate, this dress is three-quarter length at the sleeve and has a midi hemline; however, the style of my dress is inspired by a kimono, one of my favorite silhouettes to emerge this season. An update of a traditional wrap dress, the kimono dress includes a wide cut belt, perfect for accentuating your waist as the skirt tapers down the body.  Another great feature of this dress is the plunging V neckline because it helps frame your face. The high asymmetrical split visually relaxes the shape of the garment, making it appear even more effortless.

Like Wes Gordon, I paired my look with a limited amount of accessories. These patent leather oxfords from Forever 21 are great because they add an androgynous edge to what would otherwise be a very feminine dress. Last but not least, I cannot leave the house without a bag to hold all my essentials. I love small bags because they are functional, but can also add color to a look. Try a small jeweled cross-body bag or one in a bolder color like these ones from Silence + Noise.

With this look in your arsenal, there is no way you can’t take on finals head on.

Get My Look: 1. Kimono Dress. 2. Patent Leather Oxfords. 3. Cross-Body Bag.