For the past four years of college, I find myself in the same place year after year at the end of each spring semester. Although this time may be a bit different since I am graduating, I know the task of finding that right outfit will never seem to escape me. Whether I am an undergraduate student or a career woman, the variety of outfit options I thought I had will dwindle month after month and appear almost nonexistent.

So when I say that at this point of the semester, I feel like I have worn almost everything in my closet at least once, I mean it. Since I refuse to be an “outfit repeater” because it will just haunt my fashion conscience for the rest of my life, I peruse through Pinterest every morning to get some kind of outfit inspiration for the day. I also check the weather due to the love-hate relationship San Francisco’s weather and I have developed throughout the years.

Although the weather can be quite unpredictable, I have managed to stay looking fashionable without being caught off guard by the wind or fog by following one simple rule: always bring a jacket. Since this weekend was on the warmer side, I decided to give my leather jacket a rest and bring out my favorite denim jacket.

With the denim jacket in mind, I opted to stick to an all black color scheme. I paired the jacket with a black bodysuit and black jeans. I also added some pops of color with the use of accessories such as a gold choker, a gold necklace, and a belt. To bring the outfit all together, I chose my very trendy booties that have a cheetah print heel.

Although at first it seemed as if I was in the need of a serious shopping spree or a total wardrobe revamp, everything I used for this outfit was sitting in my closet waiting to be put together. Whether it is Pinterest, Instagram, or your favorite Youtuber that will inspire an outfit, I encourage you all to give your closet another chance before you head out to buy more clothes to add to your collection of options. Most of the time, all you really need is inspiration.