STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Grandmother's Burberry

To most, Burberry can be easily identified by the icon black, red, white and beige plaid patterned scarves. That motif is even known to those who do not consider themselves Fashionistas. That pattern is not going anywhere any time soon, but for the spring 2015 collection, Burberry Prorsum took its designs in a different direction. The collection featured basic pieces of clothing that had some added detail to them. For instance, a simple pencil skirt design was amped up by large shiny circle details, and a dark-wash jean jacket was trimmed with white feathers. If one took away all of the slight details, what is left is a very obtainable outfit. So I decided to try it out.

I began with a pencil skirt. I realized that the mid-length skirt was a big theme for Burberry Prorsum and every skirt or dress that was in the collection was of a longer length. I chose a knit black one that I once bought at Forever 21 for around three dollars. I knew it would be worth it one day! I then decided to bring some color into the outfit with a floral button-up shirt. That shirt is comfortable and can make any sweater, jacket or pair of jeans look really put together. I threw my favorite jean jacket on and decided on a pair of white sneakers for footwear. Burberry Prorsum had many of their models wearing sneakers, and white ones nonetheless, so I thought my Stan Smiths were appropriate. Lastly, I chose my brown leather purse to emulate the small purses that the collection featured. Burberry put out so many fun pieces for spring 2015. Who knows, maybe the Burberry yellow sequined skirt is the new plaid scarf!

Get My Look: 1. A black pencil skirt. 2. A floral button-up shirt. 3. A jean jacket. 4. White sneakers.