STYLE GURU STYLE: Not Your Girl Next Door

I have always been a fan of the “classic woman”—she who tailors all of her clothing and never has a hair out of place. Yet, there is an even more natural side of me that appreciates grunge in all of its glory. They’re completely opposite, so how can I possibly choose one? Through the years, I have played around with the idea of combining juxtaposing styles. I enjoy creating these mashups of structure and destruction in one look. Innately, I lean towards the intentionally disheveled side so I don’t need to do much research in that department. When developing the antithesis of a look, I head to the runway for inspiration. For this particular ensemble, I looked at the J.Crew fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection to clash with my grime.

I admired several aspects of the collection. For one, the layering was on point. Coats were layered over blazers layered over shirts and it was marvelous. I followed suit and draped my faux leather jacket over a black knit sweater. The second detail that stood out to me from J.Crew’s collection were the use of silk scarves. Several looks featured the accessory knotted around the neck; a look that has been on the rise in street style. Lucky for me, I recently came into possession of nautical silk bandana. Of course, the scarf alone would’ve be too clean so I layered it over a black choker to bring incorporate grittier vibes. Denim is a staple for the J.Crew girl. Torn up jeans may not fit their bill but they sure fit mine. The color broke up the dark tones on the top and the ripped knee added a bad girl flare. Lastly, many of the looks in the collection featured flats and loafers. While I stuck with the “flat” aspect, I decided to diverge a bit from the collection. Sneakers are this girl’s best friend. This move allowed me to showcase my personality a bit.

If you find yourself grappling for distinction between two looks, go for the mashup. This is fashion, who says you can’t?

Get My Look: 1. Faux leather jacket. 2. Silk bandana. 3. Torn jeans.