STYLE GURU STYLE: No Pain No Gain No More

I have always been a sucker for outfits that feature a flashy, bold shoe. Anytime I see someone wearing an ostentatious stiletto heel or five-inch wedge sandal, I imagine myself in those shoes. In these mini daydreams, I almost always take a less than graceful tumble to the ground. Despite my clumsiness, I cannot say I have not tried to conquer this type of footwear. I used to tell myself “no pain no gain” as if that would make the feat easier. However, after one to many encounters with the floor, I have accepted reality. I am a klutz and should not be allowed to wear heels.

Obviously there are many footwear options, but can an eye-catching shoe be as comfortable as my favorite pair of sneakers? According to celebrity Kristin Stewart, the answer is yes! Just last week Stewart rocked a pair of blue Vans with her Chanel dress at the Cannes Film Festival, a fashion statement that was met with mixed reviews.

Designer Tomas Maier seems to be embracing the comfortable shoe trend as well in his 2017 resort collection. His designs embraced many bright, vivid colors with footwear to match. Many looks featured a vibrant orange sneaker or a chunky neutral sandal.

Taking inspiration from Stewart and Maier, I created a very simple and versatile outfit that will take you from day to night. The base of the outfit is my white sneaker, which is comfortable for a busy day of running around. I paired this with sheer, sleeveless blouse that is perfect for a hot summer day. My ripped jeans are an essential element of the outfit, the light wash complements the neutral colors, yet adds a pop of texture. Due to the simplicity of the outfit, the ripped jeans are crucial! Finally, I added a small turquoise necklace with a gold watch. I recommend adding a purse with a pop of color to jazz up the outfit for a night on the town.

Get My Look: 1. A white shoe. 2. Ripped jeans. 3. White blouse.