STYLE GURU STYLE: No Needles Necessary

Summer is just now starting for some of us, in the fashion world that means it’s time for fall/winter runway looks to come out! Honestly, they always have to be one step ahead of us. But I’m not complaining! Givenchy had a fabulous fall ready-to-wear show back in March. It’s something I have seen all over the Internet. Givenchy probably pulled off one of the most interesting shows of the season, in my opinion. The highlights would be the insane body jewelry displayed on the faces of models. Something that really grabbed my attention was a nose ring was found in almost every models’ nose. They ranged in sizes and some models even had two! Nose rings have always been around, and I can’t remember a time when they were just a phase or people just stopped getting them. However, something very new and popular is a septum ring. Septum rings were very present in this particular Givenchy show.

Now, I am very on the fence about if I want to get my septum pierced or not. You have to leave it in for a while to heal and I don’t even want to think about needles. I only have my ears pierced and that’s as far as I’ll probably go! However, I had a friend who introduced me to fake septum rings. You just put them in the spot a piercing would go and secure it in, usually by squeezing the metal close together so it stays in. I love them! They’re a perfect way to switch up your look and you can take them in and out whenever you want. Most looks, like this one, are completely changed from something basic or innocent to edgy and different. It’s also a small way to copy Givenchy without having to glue jewels to your face.

I did go off track when it came to the outfit; Givenchy had gorgeous textures and patterns throughout the show. Each piece seemed to top the last. However, constantly throughout the show, accessories were making huge statements. There were massive jewels on the models faces, rings in their noses and ears, and even bulky necklaces on their neck. I decided to pair this outfit with a statement necklace that brought in some pastel colors. My personal favorite thing about this outfit was the black pants and my favorite black booties. The black elements darkened the outfit, making it much more of a Givenchy copy. The jacket and white shirt were on the brighter side, but the holes in the shirt brought an edgier feel to everything. My main focus was on how cool the septum ring made the whole outfit look!

Get My Look: 1. Fake septum ring 3. Big earrings 4. Black booties