Spending winter break in Pennsylvania instead of Atlanta means more than getting much needed family time in my home town, but a drastic change in climates. I found myself packing all of my warmest opaque tights, sweaters and tons of shirts for layering. After a few weeks, I found the perfect way to transition some of my favorite pieces for Pennsylvania’s brutal winter season: opaque tights.

I wore my favorite plaid tights underneath a skater skirt to add another dimension to my look.  Opaque tights are great to wear under dresses, skirts or even shorts for the bold and come in a variety of colors and patterns. In some cases, they are even made out of the same material as sweaters so they are able to keep your legs extra warm. A simple pattern like polka dots or plaid will match most of the tops in your closet and can add some playfulness to your ensemble. Whenever I wear my opaque tights, I love to pair them with my patent oxfords. My flats are comfortable, stylish and I feel like I can wear them anywhere in any weather.

A thick novelty sweater can keep you warm while adding a ton of personality to your outfit.  My personal favorites happen to be from Le Tigre, like this top featuring two puffins. The image is cute without seeming juvenile and the color palette leaves the door open for some pattern play. Not to mention, the sweater was so cozy that I was able to avoid wearing a jacket.

Finally, I chose to match the colors of my sweater with my eyeshadow. This time around, that meant rocking red and blue on my eyelids. To keep the look suited for the daytime I chose a nude pink lip, however, a braver Fashionista might want to try a navy lipstick if she wants to add a bit of an edge to her look.

Remember, skirts and dresses can be given a new life in the winter time with the right pair of tights. Experiment with different colors and styles to discover what suits your style best–you’ll be glad you did.